North Korea launches missiles from submarine

- US-South Korea war exercises begin 

North Korea launches missiles from submarine

Seoul – North Korea, announcing that real wartime was near and the army should prepare for it, tested new missiles. At this time, North Korea declared that it had fired strategic cruise missiles from a submarine. North Korea has claimed to have hinted that its missiles retain the capability to carry nuclear warheads through this test. In addition, the largest war exercise between the US and South Korea began on Monday. North Korea seems to have warned the US and South Korea by conducting this missile test before that.

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On Saturday, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ordered his troops to prepare for war against the US and South Korea. Besides, he claimed the impending war would be the most destructive. The dictator of North Korea had said that an actual war would erupt between North Korea and enemy countries at this time. After this, the North Korean military fired two missiles from a submarine on Sunday. The North Korean Army published videos and photographs of both these tests.

Moreover, the North Korean news agency announced that both cruise missiles were strategic. Military analysts say the North Korean regime has given a typical signal by referring to the submarine-launched missiles as ‘strategic’. Besides, the term ‘strategic’ refers to nuclear capability at the military level. Therefore, analysts say North Korea has warned that it can launch nuclear explosives from submarines. Furthermore, North Korea seems to have threatened both countries by carrying out this test just a few hours before the start of war exercises between the US and South Korea.

An 11-day war exercise has started between the American and South Korean armies since Monday. It claims to include attacks on the island country and exercises against nuclear attacks.

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