US, Israeli defence chiefs hold talks as Biden administration prepares an interim nuke deal with Iran

US, Israeli defence chiefs hold talks as Biden administration prepares an interim nuke deal with Iran
Brussels: US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant hold talks on Thursday. The threat from Iran and the Ukraine conflict was the prime issue of this discussion. At the same time, it is also likely that they will discuss the Palestinian President’s ongoing visit to China. Reports have surfaced that the Biden administration is preparing to make an interim agreement with Iran. The international media claimed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the US-Iran ‘mini agreement’. However, no deal could stop Israel from taking action against Iran, warned Netanyahu. It was against this background that discussions were held between the US Defense Secretary and his Israeli counterpart.
hold talksLast month, representatives of the United States and Iran held a meeting in Oman. The media claimed the US proposed an interim agreement with Iran in this first virtual discussion. Iran, which did not accept this agreement of the Biden administration, had demanded to re-adopt the deal of the year 2015. However, after the efforts of the Biden administration, Iran is being claimed to be ready for an interim agreement. Information has revealed that the Iranian government’s readiness to agree to the deal is on the condition that the United States relaxes sanctions, releases billions of dollars of Iranian assets and withdraws the anti-Iran complaint lodged against Iran with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
The Biden administration had started sharing information with Israel about initiating preparations for an interim agreement with Iran. However, Western media claims the United States is not ready to enter an interim deal with Iran without Israel’s permission. ButHowever, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken the opposite position on this agreement. Iran’s nuclear program is moving towards making a nuclear bomb. In such a situation, Israel will take action to stop Iran from making a nuclear bomb, and no agreement can stop Israel from doing so, warned Netanyahu.
In such a situation, a discussion happened between the US Defense Secretary and Israel during the NATO meeting held in Brussels. The US and Israeli defence chiefs agreed to continue cooperation in countering various threats from Iran posed to the security of Israel and the Middle East. Along with the nuclear program, Israeli media are sharing information about the discussions between the two leaders on the issue of Iran’s missile program and arms smuggling. Defense Minister Gallant alleged that Iran is now engaged in anti-Israel action by provoking terrorist organisations in Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
At the same time, saying that the United States is committed to Israel’s security, Defense Secretary Austin provided information about the war drills held with Israel. In January, the US and the Israeli army conducted a ‘Jupiter Oak’ military exercise. In this, about 8,000 soldiers, 142 fighter aircraft, and 12 destroyers were involved from both countries, Secretary Austin highlighted.

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