Israel-Saudi Arabia cooperation may harm peace in Middle East

- Iranian foreign ministry criticises

Israel-Saudi Arabia cooperation may harm peace in Middle East

Tehran: The US Biden administration has started efforts to establish cooperation between Israel-Saudi Arabia. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan recently visited Saudi Arabia and met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with a proposal in this regard. NSA Sullivan indicated that Israel and Saudi cooperation may be established in the future. Thus, Iran has become restless. Iran’s Foreign Ministry has warned that cooperation between Israel and Saudi will harm the peace and stability of the Middle East.

Israel-SaudiIn recent weeks, the Biden administration has begun to make statements about Israel-Saudi cooperation. It is being claimed that the Biden administration is serious about this cooperation. Last week, Israeli President Isaac Herzog visited the White House. At that time, too, the issue of Saudi cooperation was raised. After this, US National Security Advisor Sullivan suddenly visited Saudi Arabia and met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Sullivan indicated during this visit, too, that the issue of Israel-Saudi cooperation would be discussed.

However, the Saudi government has not yet registered an official response. But, just a few hours later, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a ‘high-speed train’ connecting the two cities of Kiryat Shmona on the northern side of Israel and Eilat on the southern side. At the same time, by saying that extending this ‘train’ to Saudi would be possible, Netanyahu indicated an eagerness to cooperate with Saudi. Even before this, there were reports of Israel starting its activities to extend the highway to UAE via Jordan and Saudi.

However, Iran expressed displeasure over this news, which happened just a few hours apart. The United States has been planning to increase Israel’s supremacy in the Middle East region for several years and is also working for it. The United States is working on this plan by establishing cooperation with Saudi. However, this cooperation will threaten the peace and stability of the Middle East,’ warned Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani. Along with this, Kanani also mentioned Israel’s earlier cooperation with UAE, Bahrain and Arab-Gulf countries. Despite this cooperation, Israel’s ongoing attacks and atrocities on Palestinians have not stopped, Kanani alleged.

Israel-SaudiFurthermore, the Saudis are eager to cooperate with Israel, as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced a year ago. But, before that, Israel should work to find a solution to the issue of the two-state solution for the Palestinians, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia appealed. The Iranian Foreign Ministry is also looking to start its activities in this direction by making this an issue so that Israel-Saudi cooperation is not established.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration had given importance to the Iran nuclear deal earlier. For this, the Biden administration also angered Israel. A severe reaction emerged from the United States over it. However, the past few weeks have seen a shift in the Biden administration’s Iran-related stance. Highlighting Iran’s threat, the Biden administration has sent advanced F-35 fighter jets and amphibious warships to the Persian Gulf. The administration has also removed the special envoy appointed by Biden for the nuclear deal.


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