Ukrainian missile hits Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet HQ – Russia fires missile at Donetsk

Ukrainian missile hits Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet HQ – Russia fires missile at Donetsk

Kyiv/Moscow/Washington – Ukraine launched a missile attack on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters of the Russian Navy on Friday. The headquarters suffered heavy damage in this attack and reported some casualties. The mayor of the city of Sevastopol, along with the Russian Ministry of Defence, has acknowledged the attack. Moreover, this is the fourth major attack in Crimea in the last few days and the second attack on the headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces. A few days ago, drones had targeted the military headquarters in Rostov-on-Don.

Around noon on Friday, Ukraine fired two missiles at the naval headquarters in Sevastopol in Crimea. Due to this missile attack, information about fire flaring up in the headquarters building has come to light. Besides, a large part of the headquarters building seemed destroyed in the attack. Local sources informed about the building and missile fragments spreading far and wide after the attack. In addition, the Ukrainian military shared information about this attack in the evening and warned that more such attacks would occur.

Black Sea FleetFurthermore, two Storm Shadow missiles are said to have been used in the attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. The United Kingdom and France have provided these missiles to Ukraine. Nonetheless, these air-launched cruise missiles (ALCM) have a range of more than 500 km. Ukraine has deployed these missiles on its Su-24 fighter jets. It is the second time this month that these missiles have been used to attack the Crimean city of Sevastopol. Additionally, on September 13, these missiles had targeted the warship and submarine in the Sevastopol port.

Besides, Ukraine has begun to push for special operations with missile and drone strikes in the past few weeks. A few days ago, a Ukrainian military squad entered a part of Crimean province, attacked Russian posts, and then captured oil and gas rigs in the Black Sea area. At the same time, on Thursday, Ukraine attacked Saki airport in Crimea. Also, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies had claimed that the attack on the base with drones and missiles had killed 30 Russian soldiers.

Moreover, the increasing attacks in Crimea are raising concerns for the Russian defence forces and other agencies. Russian President Vladimir Putin and other senior leaders had given a serious warning about the attacks on Crimea. Threats were also made that a major attack on Crimea or an attempt to capture it could lead to a nuclear attack. Despite this, the frequent attacks on important and sensitive parts of Crimea were noteworthy. After the attack on the bridge connecting Crimea and Russia, Russia began missile attacks on Ukraine. Thus, sources have claimed that the attack in Sevastopol will also get a similar befitting response.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed many casualties in the Russian missile attacks on Donetsk province. The Russian Defence Forces are also said to have targeted the Kurakhove part of Donetsk with missiles.


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