AI supercharges disinformation, censorship & surveillance on internet, a Freedom House report warns

AI supercharges disinformation, censorship & surveillance on internet, a Freedom House report warns

Washington – Amidst the growing demand for a regulatory system and framework to control Artificial Intelligence (AI), new reports emerge regarding its threat. Besides, AI technology is being used extensively for disinformation, censorship and surveillance on the internet. A US think tank’s report has warned that it threatens fundamental freedoms. The report also warns that the advancements in artificial intelligence are being used for digital repression.

AINonetheless, the US-based Freedom House think tank has released a report titled ‘Freedom on the Net 2023: The Repressive Power of Artificial Intelligence’. It draws attention to the use of AI to repress freedom and human rights, mentioning six issues. In addition, the report underscores that many governments worldwide use the resources available due to AI to control information and expand the scope of online censorship.

Moreover, the report shows how AI is used in six areas: privacy, freedom of expression, access to information, due process, non-discrimination and association and assembly. Due to the increasing use of AI in the big Data Surveillance System, people’s personal information and rights are being violated. With the help of automated systems, censorship is imposed on political and social roles. Platform algorithms are being used for propaganda.

Furthermore, AI surveillance tools give freedom to act on everyone by stipulating them suspicious. Also, it has come to light that the information collected in algorithmic systems has been used for discriminatory behaviour. The Freedom House report also claims that the facial recognition system used by AI is used to stop anti-government groups and people.

In the last few years, major discussions have been going on the issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. On the one hand, there are claims of removing problems and difficulties in many areas using this technology. Then again, attention is being drawn to the possibility that no one will have control over the progress of this technology, and warnings are being given about the dangers arising from it.

A few days ago, a report released by the US cyber security company Check Point Research underlined the issue of the use of AI for cyberattacks. The release of the US company report highlighted that generative AI like ChatGPT is used for research and by cyber attackers.

Meanwhile, in March, a US-based think tank called the Future of Life Institute had written an open letter to the international community about the dangers in the AI field. At the same time, Goldman Sachs has warned that 300 million may face the threat of losing their jobs due to AI technology.




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