Iran-Russia military cooperation will prove a boon for Syria

Iran-Russia military cooperation will prove a boon for Syria

Abu Dhabi: The established military cooperation between Iran and Russia in the wake of the Ukraine conflict is a matter of great concern. This cooperation between these two countries will prove to be a boon for the Assad regime in Syria and a challenge for stability in the Middle East, warned Lieutenant General Alexus Grynkewich, head of the US Air Force based at ‘CENTCOM’. This reaction of the United States has come after the visit of Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to Iran. 

Moreover, Russian Defence Minister Shoigu is visiting Iran and met senior Iranian army officers during this. Besides, he also visited the arms factory there. Shoigu had said that the issue of increasing military cooperation with Iran would be discussed during his visit. The United States expressed concern over the visit of the Russian Defence Minister to Iran.

Air Force Chief Lieutenant General Alexus Grynkewich, based in the US Central Command of the Gulf Region or ‘CENTCOM’, claimed that Russia-Iran military cooperation is a very serious matter. By modifying drones provided by Iran for the Ukraine conflict, Russia is using them in Ukrainian cities. Russia would inform Iran about the technological changes made in these drones. For this reason, Iran’s military strength will increase in future and Syria’s Assad regime will directly benefit from this. For this reason, Iran-Russia cooperation will also prove to be a boon for Iran, Grynkewich claimed. 

Before this, political, economic and military cooperation was established between Russia and Iran. However, Grynkewich is warning that the new military cooperation between Iran and Russia on the background of the Ukraine conflict will be a bigger challenge for the United States and the Gulf-friendly countries. Meanwhile, efforts are being made by the United States and friendly countries to stop this military cooperation between Iran and Russia. The United States and European countries have imposed sanctions on Iran and Russia. However, the Russian Defence Minister claimed that this effort of Western countries is failing.