Four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

but the war will continue PM Netanyahu warns

Four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Jerusalem: Hamas has announced that a four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will come into effect from Thursday. In exchange for the release of 50 Israeli hostages, Israel is going to release 150 Hamas supporters in its captivity. The Israeli government is indicating that this decision has been taken due to the fact that no serious crime has been registered against them. But even though Israel is ready for a ceasefire, Israel is not going to stop the war without fulfilling all its objectives, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned.

The head of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, had arrived in Qatar to discuss the ceasefire with Hamas leaders. After this, Hamas announced that the ceasefire would be implemented from 10 o’clock local standard time on Thursday. Additionally, the process for the release of Israeli abductees will be initiated, Hamas has said. After Israel began attacks on Hamas, Hezbollah, the pro-Iranian organization that attacks Israel from the Lebanese border, has also announced that it will respect the Israel-Hamas ceasefire. Hezbollah has also informed that it will not attack Israel during the ceasefire.

Four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

The Israeli Cabinet meeting, which started on Tuesday night to discuss the ceasefire, lasted for six hours, and after that, the ceasefire proposal was approved. According to this ceasefire, about 50 children and women living under the control of Hamas will be released. At the same time, Israel will release about 150 Hamas supporters under its control. According to claims, no serious crime has been registered against him. Therefore, it seems to be easy for the Israeli government to take the decision of their release. Moreover, in the coming period, the Israeli government has also shown readiness to release some people who have not been charged with serious crimes.

Due to this ceasefire, the people of Gaza are going to get relief for some time. More than 14 thousand people in Gaza are claimed to have been killed in the Israeli attack. The health agencies of Gaza-based Hamas informed the international media that they no longer had the capacity to count the dead bodies. Also, due to Israel’s attacks on Hamas, the number of people displaced in Gaza is reported to have crossed one million.

Even though there has been a ceasefire with Hamas, the war will not stop, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned. ‘Those who think that Israel will stop this war before it achieves its goals are fools. This war will continue until Israel frees all the hostages held by Hamas and destroys Hamas. Without assuring that the threat of Hamas in Gaza has ended, it is not possible to stop Israel’s war,’ said Prime Minister Netanyahu as he presented his country’s stance in stern words.

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