Over 100 killed in Israeli action in Gaza

Hamas rejects Israel's 2-month ceasefire proposal

Over 100 killed in Israeli action in Gaza

Gaza – Hamas has rejected Israel’s proposal for a two-month ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Israel had made this proposal through Egypt. Israel had also demanded the expulsion of Yahya Sinwar and Mohammed Deif, the two leaders responsible for the horrific attack on Israel on October 7, from Gaza. However, after Hamas rejected the proposal, Israel is said to have killed 125 people in the action taken by the military in Khan Yunis in Gaza in the last 24 hours. Also, the Israeli defence forces have announced to lay siege to Khan Yunis. However, Hamas has alleged the killing of 210 Palestinians in the Israeli attack.

A few hours ago, 24 Israeli soldiers were killed in an RPG (Rocket-propelled Grenade) attack by Hamas in Khan Yunis, Gaza. More than hundred killed in Israel's new crackdown in GazaAfter this, large demonstrations were organised in Israel, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being pressurised to a ceasefire. Besides, Israeli protesters demand that Israel should immediately release the 130 abducted civilians by bringing a ceasefire in Gaza. Also, it has come to light that the Netanyahu government has also reportedly made a new ceasefire proposal to Hamas about ten days ago.

According to this, Israel is ready for a ceasefire for two months. However, the Israeli resolution included the release of 130 abducted Israeli citizens and the expulsion of two prominent Israeli leaders, Yahya Sinwar and Mohammed Deif, from Gaza. However, the news of Hamas rejecting the Israeli proposal surfaced on Tuesday night, saying that none of the demands mentioned in it are acceptable. After this, Israel claimed to take major action against Hamas terrorists in Khan Yunis.

Moreover, there are claims that the Israeli military has laid siege to the Hamas locations in Khan Yunis. Of these, the international media has claimed that 125 people were killed in the action in Khan Yunis. In addition, Hamas has blamed 210 people for the attack. More than hundred killed in Israel's new crackdown in GazaAlso, Hamas had earlier revealed that it had carried out exaggerated figures on the military action in Gaza and spread propaganda against Israel. However, even after this, the Hamas terrorists have been seen making tall claims about the Israeli action.

Meanwhile, the United Nations is accusing Israel of being responsible for the plight of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Nonetheless, the United Nations criticised Israel for aggravating the problems of the people of Gaza by opposing the creation of two states, i.e. Palestine. At the same time, Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan accused the United Nations of ignoring the attacks on Israel and the atrocities committed on Israeli women and female children by the Hamas terrorists. Apart from this, Hamas of Gaza and Hezbollah of Lebanon are these terrorist organisations, and Iran standing behind them is the cancer spread in the Gulf. Additionally, Erdan sharply criticised the United Nations for discussing headaches instead of curing this cancer. Even earlier, Israel had strongly reprimanded the United Nations for such an attitude.



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