Israel can conduct Gaza-like attacks on Lebanon due to Hezbollah

Israeli Defense Minister warns

Israel can conduct Gaza-like attacks on Lebanon due to Hezbollah

Tel Aviv – ‘Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into a war that might happen. It is making mistakes, and … those who will pay the price are, first and foremost, Lebanon’s citizens. What we are doing in Gaza, we can do in Beirut’, warned Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant sternly. Besides, Hassan Nasrallah, the head of the terrorist organisation Hezbollah, threatened in Saturday’s meeting that attacks on Israel would continue. The Israeli Defense Minister has responded to this.

Israel can conduct Gaza-like attacks on Lebanon due to HezbollahMoreover, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has been hiding for the past several years in a tunnel built in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. From the same hideout, Nasrallah addresses Hezbollah terrorists and his supporters through video. Additionally, Nasrallah last week instigated Hezbollah terrorists to launch intense attacks on Israel for the first time since the Israel-Hamas conflict began. At the same time, in his new video released on Saturday, Nasrallah announced that the open front against Israel will continue.

Israel can conduct Gaza-like attacks on Lebanon due to HezbollahApart from this, Israeli Defense Minister Gallant has responded to Hezbollah head’s threats. Gallant also warned that the Israeli army and air forces deployed close to the Lebanese border could launch fierce attacks on Hezbollah targets. ‘In the last few days, Israel has responded well to Hezbollah attacks. However, Hezbollah terrorists are not only attacking Israel but are also provoking it. Besides, a few days ago, Hezbollah rocket attacks killed an Israeli soldier patrolling the border, and some civilians were also injured,’ Gallant recalled.

‘Our pilots are sitting in the cockpits, and their aircraft are facing North. We have not used even 10% of our air force power in Gaza,’ warned Gallant. At the same time, the Israeli Defense Minister reminded the Lebanese people, along with Hezbollah of the preparations made for making air strikes. Also, Gallant warned that ‘due to Hezbollah’s mistake, Israel could carry out fierce air strikes on Lebanon. Like the Gaza Strip, Beirut can also be targeted.’

Israel can conduct Gaza-like attacks on Lebanon due to HezbollahFurthermore, Israel had earlier warned the Lebanese government and people of Hezbollah’s provocative actions. Israel had also announced that it was not interested in starting a war against Lebanon. However, Israel had warned that the terrorist organisation Hezbollah, with its anti-Israel activities, was inviting a major disaster for Lebanon.

Meanwhile, as Hezbollah increased the intensity of attacks on Israel, the United States has deployed its aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea to help Israel. Enraged by this US deployment, Hezbollah had also threatened the US.





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