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China and Europe together should teach Trump a lesson

Demand the Chinese government media

Beijing – ‘China and Europe who have suffered the most due to the trade war started by the United States, should join hands to teach a lesson to the US and make Trump pay dearly for it,’ appealed the Chinese government’s mouthpiece. Last week Trump announced 25% tax on goods worth about USD 50 billion imported from China. China has retaliated by imposing taxes on the goods imported from the United States and thus, a trade war between the two countries has officially begun. In view of this, the Chinese government newspapers are suggesting of teaching Trump a lesson with the help of the European countries, which are also upset with the policies of the US.

China and EuropeTrump had claimed last week that the taxes had been imposed to target the theft of US technology and other trade malpractices by China. The US President had announced that the stance was taken to strike a balance in the trade between the United States and China. Subsequently, China had retaliated by levying added taxes on 600 goods imported from the US.

This Chinese decision will affect imports worth USD 34 billion from the United States to China. This is the second instance in last three months when China has imposed trade taxes against the United States. Therefore, it is being claimed that the trade war between the United States and China has officially begun. Since the last few days, undertones of the same could be heard in the Chinese government newspapers. The Chinese government mouth piece has criticised the Trump administration by calling it confused, unilateral and obstinate.

These stubborn policies by Trump will endanger the trade cooperation with all the major economies of the world. To avoid this, Europe and China should unite to teach Trump a lesson, appealed the Chinese mouthpiece. Another mouthpiece claimed, ‘Foolish People build walls,’ thus targeting President Trump’s decision to build a wall along the Mexican border. This mouth piece also criticised the US President as being selfish.

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