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Israeli Knesset passes the ‘Breaking The Silence Bill’ into law

Jerusalem – The Israeli parliament passed the ‘Breaking the Silence Bill’ into law, banning admissions in schools and colleges to those criticising Israel and its military. Thus, this bill empowers the Education Minister to take strict actions against anyone who criticises the Israeli government or the military. Moreover, this Bill is said to be one more step towards declaring Israel as a Jewish state. The liberals in Israel have expressed deep regret on the matter.

‘Breaking The Silence Bill'For the past several months, the Israeli parliament has been discussing the ‘Breaking the Silence Bill’. The members of the Knesset from the ruling and the opposition parties continued voting on the bill till late Tuesday evening. 43 votes were cast in favour of the proposed bill and 24 against. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman have welcomed the decision.

The law allows action against people or groups who are anti-Israel or anti-military. The law also authorises the government to refuse admissions to such persons or groups who try to create an anti-Israel ideology or deliver inciting lectures in schools and colleges. The Israeli Education Ministry has expressed confidence that this will help to curb the activities being carried out against the Israeli military and the education system.

A few months ago, the group named ‘Breaking the Silence’, started inciting the public against the Netanyahu government, and the Israeli action in the Gaza Strip and West Bank by visiting the schools and colleges in Israel. It was an attempt to provoke the Israeli students against its government as well as the army, reprimanded the Israeli military. This group included Arab citizens from Israel and some former Israeli soldiers.

A few officials from the Israeli military had claimed that if timely action was not taken against these entities, it could turn into a threat for Israel’s security. Taking into consideration all the facts, the ‘Breaking the Silence Bill’ was presented in the Israeli Knesset. Meanwhile, the then US President, Barack Obama had demanded for such a law not to be enacted in Israel while the Obama administration had pressurised the Israel government for it.

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