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Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in Syria in retaliation to US sanctions – Russian diplomat

Moscow – A Russian parliamentarian has created a sensation with his statement, ‘Russia can retaliate against the US sanctions by the deployment of nuclear weapons in Syria.’ The United States has imposed harsh economic sanctions against Russia which has strained the Russian economy, resulting in tumbling of the Russian Rouble. However, the warning by Russian MP Vladimir Gutenev suggesting Russia retaliate against the US sanctions with the deployment of nuclear weapons in Syria is expected to elicit an equally explosive reaction from the United States. With it, the situation in Syria shows signs of alarming aggravation.

nuclear weaponsLast week, the United States imposed sanctions against Russia. The United States had imposed the sanctions alleging Russia of being involved in the poisoning of a former Soviet agent, Sergei Skripal in the United Kingdom. US calls it a violation of the international act on Chemical and Biological weapons. Gutenev, the deputy head of the ‘Economic Policy Committee’ in the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament has severely criticised the US sanctions and accused the United States of having crossed the ‘red-line’ with the sanctions.

Gutenev suggested, “Now that the United States has crossed the red line, Russia will also have to decide its limits. The time is right for Russia to retaliate strongly against the United States and it should hence deploy nuclear weapons in Syria. The Russian deployment of nuclear weapons in Syria will be a tit-for-tat retaliation in response to the United States sanctions’.

Even in the past, the Russian analysts had advised President Vladimir Putin to deploy nuclear weapons in Syria, Gutenev reminded the Russian Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defence Ministry Spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov had alleged that the United States is preparing to attack the Assad regime in Syria by creating a facade of chemical attacks in Syria. Last week, a destroyer of the US Navy equipped with the Tomahawk missiles entered the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian defence ministry has made this claim by citing the additional deployment of the US destroyers in the Persian Gulf and also the sorties of the US bombers.

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