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Venezuela migrant crisis leads to turmoil in neighbouring countries; Brazil increases military deployment at the border, Peru declares emergency in border areas

Brasilia: – The Venezuelan crisis is no more limited only to this state alone. It is turning into a pan-continental turmoil, said the Brazilian President Michel Temer, while ordering for an increase in the military deployment at its borders shared with Venezuela. Similarly, Peru has declared a health emergency of 60 days in the areas near the Venezuelan border. Although Brazil and Peru have taken the measures in view of the Venezuelan refugee influx, the Maduro government has termed it as a conspiracy.

Brazil, military deployment, Maduro government, emergency, migrant, conspiracy, ww3, Peru, Venezuela, EuropeThe United Nations had recently warned that the Venezuelan immigrant crisis is similar to the refugee influx that had hit Europe in the year 2015. After the Venezuelan currency depreciated by 99%, a vast number of people from the country began migrating to its neighbouring states. As a consequence, the troubled Venezuelan people, deprived of basic needs like food, medicines and essential commodities, will be left with no choice but to knock on the doors of its neighbouring states soon. It is quite evident from the number of Venezuelan citizens attempting to enter the neighbouring countries of Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador.

More than a million Venezuelan citizens have taken refuge in Columbia. Whereas, the number of Venezuelan refugees in Ecuador has also crossed 500,000 thousand. Peru has 400,000 while Brazil has 60 thousand Venezuelan refugees. Any further increase in this number will prove to be a threat to the national security, warned Brazilian President Michel Temer. The Brazilian President announced for an additional deployment of the military at the Venezuelan border to control the influx. He said that these soldiers have also been entrusted the responsibility of helping the Venezuelan refugees.

Meanwhile, there had been an incident involving a violent clash between the Venezuelan immigrants and locals in Brazil. For this reason, the Brazilian President is said to have decided to deploy additional military at the border. On the other hand, Peru has declared a health emergency in the areas near the Venezuelan border. An emergency situation is said to have also emerged in this region because of the shortage of medicines. Because of these announcements, the Venezuelan Maduro government has accused Brazil and Peru of conspiring against it. The representative of the Maduro government has claimed that this is a conspiracy to insult and jolt the Venezuelan government.

Meanwhile, the hardships of the Venezuelan population are increasing by the day, and more than 80% of the people are deprived even of food. In spite of this, the Maduro government is blaming other countries for conspiring against itself to save its face. However, the effects of instability and anarchy in this country are beginning to reflect in its neighbouring countries, and the crisis is brewing further in Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru.

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