While Russia forges ahead in Donbas region, the West & US indicate to increase Ukraine’s weapon supply  

While Russia forges ahead in Donbas region, the West & US indicate to increase Ukraine’s weapon supply  

Washington/Moscow/Kyiv – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had recently warned that the objectives of Russia’s military campaign would not be limited to Donbas. The attacks will also be carried out in southern Ukraine and other areas. While Russia expanded the scope of its campaign, other Western countries, including the US, signalled further increases in weapons assistance to Ukraine. The announcement was made in this regard at the meeting of the Ukraine Contact Group held on Wednesday. It has come to the fore that a few days ago, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, appealed to the western defence companies to test their new weapons and systems in Ukraine.  

DonbasMoreover, Russia has launched tremendous strikes on Donetsk after gaining control of the Luhansk province in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region. The cities of Siversk, Bakhmut and Sloviansk have been continuously attacked with missiles, rockets and cannons for the past few days. Russian military units have succeeded in entering Siversk, and the Russian Defence Department informed that the forces have also gained control over some areas near Bakhmut. However, the Russian attacks are not limited to this; Russia has also launched missile attacks near Mykolaiv and Odessa in southern Ukraine. Some cities in northern and central Ukraine also have been hit by Russian attacks. The Ukrainian government claimed significant lives and property losses in these attacks.  

As the scope of Russia’s attacks escalates, it has created unease in Western countries, including Ukraine. Ukraine has launched counter-attacks to give shocks to the Russian front. Ukraine has demanded an increase in the stockpile of weapons supply from the western countries to increase the intensity of these counter-attacks. The US, UK and the European Union responded to this demand and announced additional weapons supply. The US would provide four additional HIMARS systems to Ukraine. The European Union announced a new defence aid of $50 million to Ukraine. Besides, the UK has signalled other assistance, including rocket systems. Against this background, reports came out that Ukraine’s ‘First Lady’ Olena Zelenska, who is on a visit to the US, demanded ‘Air Defence Systems’ in her speech in the US Parliament.  


Meanwhile, two days ago, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who threatened Ukraine over the Crimea issue, issued a fresh warning. Medvedev warned that NATO was rapidly approaching the Russian borders and that it threatened to spark a real World War. He further warned that Ukraine would lose its sovereignty and disappear from the world map due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the response the West gave. 


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