Coronavirus death toll in US crosses 900,000

Coronavirus death toll in US crosses 900,000

Washington – The death toll due to Coronavirus in the United States has reached 900,000. In less than two months, there was an addition of 100,000 victims in the country, the local systems informed. Among the new victims of Coronavirus, the number of patients infected with Omicron and unvaccinated is the highest, has emerged. Health experts and medical groups claim that Omicron has hit the United States the hardest. Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus patients worldwide has reached 390 million, and over 5.7 million people have been killed.  

death tollA new variant of the Coronavirus ‘Omicron‘ had surfaced in November. A new wave of Coronavirus had begun, in many countries, around the world because of this new variant. It has surfaced that the US and Europe have been hit hardest by this wave. The number of patients found every 24 hours in the US had reached about one million. Whereas, on average, the number of deaths per day had reached close to three thousand.  

Within two months, more than 100,000 new victims were reported in the United States, with the total number of deaths reaching 904,228. Authorities informed that in 24 hours on Friday, 3,895 victims were reported in the United States. The total number of Coronavirus patients in the United States has reached 76.1 million. More than 300,000 patients were reported in the United States on Friday, with more than 100,000 patients have been hospitalised. It has been revealed that the United States has emerged as a leader, both in the number of patients and the number of victims, internationally.  

death tollIt is said that severe winters and resistance to vaccination are the chief reasons behind the increasing scope of Coronavirus in the US. At present, information has surfaced that most hospitalised and dying patients are unvaccinated. Provinces like Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio accounted for barely 60% or near of the vaccinations, with the highest number of patients and victims have been found there.  

US President Joe Biden had promised the effective combat of the Coronavirus pandemic while taking over the office. However, the intensity and influence of the Coronavirus pandemic have increased during his tenure, with US citizens expressing that Biden has failed as a president. 

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