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US expresses outrage over Pakistan-Turkey-Iran silence against China’s repression of Muslims in Xinjiang

Washington – Numerous atrocities are being committed against the Uighur Muslims in China. Brad Sherman, member of the US Congress showered criticism on these countries saying that the Islamic countries of Pakistan, Turkey and Iran refuse to utter a word against it. At the same time, Sherman alleged that Pakistan was helping China to suppress the voices of the Uighur Muslims. US Previously, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had also raised the same question, asking, ‘Why isn’t Iran speaking against the atrocities committed on the Uighur Muslims in China?’

Since the last few months, the very existence of the Uighur Muslims is reportedly under threat. The Chinese government has taken a harsh stand against the minority community denying them even their basic rights. They are also denied the freedom to worship and pray as per their religion. Moreover, the Uighur places of worship are also being targeted by China. The mainland is making all possible efforts to prevent the children from this community from receiving religious teachings and has imposed strict restrictions to ensure it.

The Uighur Muslims are fearful that if the situation remains the same, China will succeed in wiping out the religious identity of the Uighur Muslims. Therefore, they have consistently made earnest appeals to the international community to stop the cultural and religious carnage of the Uighurs. However, the Chinese government has completely dismissed the allegations as being baseless. The US media has nevertheless,  highlighted the matter and the Trump administration has taken an aggressive stance against China for the injustice meted out to the Uighur Muslims. A few days ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had rebuked Iran over this issue.

‘Iran remains silent while the Uighur Muslims are being subject to repression by China. It exposes the double standards of the country. Iran is trying to not displease China, as it may affect the oil business with the country,’ said Secretary of State Pompeo. While speaking at a hearing in the US Congress, Brad Sherman also reprimanded Pakistan over this issue. Sherman claimed that Pakistan was not taking a stance against the repression being subjected to the Muslims in China in view of the benefits it receives from the country. Moreover, Sherman blamed Turkey and the Middle Eastern countries also for being reluctant to hurt China over this issue.

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