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US President Trump warns Iran of great suffering if found responsible for Saudi ships’ ‘sabotage attack’

Washington – US President Donald Trump has issued a warning to Iran stating that ‘The United States is watching every development in the Middle East. If Iran commits any misadventure, it will be a serious mistake. If they do anything, they will suffer greatly.’ Trump’s warning comes in the response to the attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil tankers in the region.

On Sunday, the saboteur attacks were carried out near the United Arab Emirates (UAE) coastline on four oil tankers of which two were Saudi Arabian. The Saudi oil tankers were scheduled to carry oil to the United States. President Trump thus warned Iran over the attacks during a press conference.

Trump informed that he was continually monitoring all the information on Iran that was coming forth for the past few hours. ‘It will be Iran’s biggest mistake if it poses a threat to the US or US interests in the Middle East,’ Trump warned. Also, he made Iran aware of the repercussions to any such moves by saying that Iran would suffer greatly if it initiated actions of such nature.

The United States is independently investigating the attack on the Saudi vessels that occurred on Sunday and US officials have informed that the oil tankers have suffered significant structural damages in the attacks. The hull of the ships close to the waterline has sustained a hole, the size of about five to ten feet. Additionally, the photographs of one of the oil tankers have been released.

The US officials revealed that the preliminary investigations had found the links to the attacks being traced to Iran. Thus, the US President appears to have issued a stern warning to Iran. Following the United States, even the Arab League has denounced the attacks on the Saudi oil tankers.

Meanwhile, after the ‘sabotage attacks’ on the Saudi vessels, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the European Union (EU) headquarters at Brussels before his scheduled Russia visit. Also, Pompeo had discussions with the British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. During the talks, Pompeo warned over the increased possibility of a US-Iran war.

‘Tensions had already developed in the region because of the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal as also Iran’s stance. Under such circumstances, even a minor accident can spark a war’, Foreign Secretary Hunt warned. Furthermore, the European countries expressed grave concerns over a war likely sparking, the consequences of which not only the region but the entire globe would have to face.

Houthi rebels launch drone attacks on Saudi oil pipeline

Riyadh – Two Saudi Arabian oil platforms came under drone attacks of the Houthi rebels. The Saudi Energy Minister, Khalid al-Falih, informed that the rebels had hit the oil facilities with explosive-laden drones. Furthermore, the Houthi rebels have accepted responsibility for the attacks.

On Tuesday, the Houthi-run news channel declared that two significant Saudi platforms were attacked but, the Houthi rebels did not report the location and the timing of the assault. Even the Saudi Minister of Energy avoided giving further details of the incident. Nevertheless, the Saudi oil company Aramco has stopped its oil supplies to prevent any major disaster after the attacks.

The Houthi rebels had carried out explosive-laden drone attacks in Saudi two months ago as well. Moreover, the United States and Saudi Arabia had produced evidence before the international community to prove that Iran had sourced the drones to the Houthi rebels. Meanwhile, Iran and the Houthi rebels are suspected to be behind the Sunday attacks on the Saudi oil tankers although no one has accepted the responsibility for it as yet.


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