Russia to intensify missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv  

Russia to intensify missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv  

Moscow / Kyiv – Russia warns of intensifying missile strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. On Thursday, Russia targeted a Ukrainian missile factory near Kyiv. This new warning has since been issued. Alongside the attack near Kyiv, Russia has also claimed to attack Kharkiv and the downing a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter. Meanwhile, Russia’s Defence Ministry has admitted that a missile cruiser ship Moskva, leading Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, sank. Russia clarified that it sank due to a fire on a warship.  

क्षेपणास्त्र हल्ल्यांची तीव्रताMoreover, Ukraine has been supplied with large arms from the US and NATO member states, making moves to prolong the war. On the other hand, Russia has redesigned its military campaign, focusing on eastern and southern Ukraine. However, Russia has given a message through new attacks that it will not overlook other parts of Ukraine in the reshuffle. On Thursday, Russia informed that it had carried out attacks in the capital, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other parts of the country. At the same time, it also warned of increasing the intensity of missile attacks.  

The calibre missile attacked the Vizar missile factory near the capital Kyiv. The attack destroyed the factory, Russia claimed. Russia has also said that Ukraine was developing medium- and long-range anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles at the factory. It is said that rockets made in the same factory attacked a Russian warship two days ago.  

A large missile attack was also carried out in the Kharkiv region. It is claimed that the Polish private military company squad was targeted in the attack. Russia has said that 30 people have been killed in the attack. This is the first time that Russia has launched a significant offensive against another country’s contingent in Ukraine. Neither Ukraine nor Poland has confirmed the attack. Russia informed that it shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter in the Chernigov region. Russia also said that the helicopter had attacked the Russian province of Bryansk.  

Russia warned of new attacks while informing of Thursday’s attacks. ‘The number and scale of missile strikes against targets in Kyiv will increase in response to any terrorist attacks or sabotage committed by the Kyiv nationalist regime on Russian territory,’ the Russian Defence Ministry has warned. It also has admitted that a missile cruiser ship Moskva sank while warning of an attack. The warship suddenly caught fire while operating in the Black Sea region. Russia later said the warship sank while being taken to a nearby base for repairs.  

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Defence Ministry has claimed that a Russian warship sank in the missile attack. Ukraine claims that Moskva was targeted with the help of Neptune missiles stationed near Odessa. 

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