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SHOCKING: China’s Defence Minister justifies Communist regime killing thousands of innocent students at Tiananmen Square

Singapore: Thirty years ago, the Chinese Communist regime had killed thousands of protestors demanding democracy. China has yet again delivered a shock to the world by justifying the action at Tiananmen Square. The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wei Fenghe, made the dramatic statement that said, ‘China has undergone major changes over the last three decades. Taking them into consideration, the action the Chinese regime had taken at that time was correct policy to end the prevalent political turbulence.’

Tiananmen Square, demonstrations, Wei Fenghe, Communist regime, Defence Minister, massacre, China, US-China trade war The Tiananmen Square massacre completed 30 years on 3rd of June.  On occasion, the protestors demanding democracy in China, are being remembered, the world over. However, Chinese Foreign Minister Fenghe justified the carnage. Coming from a senior leader of China’s Communist regime, Fenghe’s justification assumes much significance.

In June of 1989, the Chinese student’s association initiated a significant agitation demanding democracy. Thousands of students and people, frustrated with the Communist rule in the country had participated in the demonstrations. So as to crush the threat the protests posed to the regime, they began a vicious military assault against the revolt. In the crackdown that started on 3rd and 4th of June, tanks were used against the demonstrators in which hundreds of unarmed students were killed. Hundreds were arrested while scores of people were reported missing. The actual number of people that were killed in the horrific episode is claimed to be exponentially higher than the one the Chinese government had declared.

In the last 30 years, China has not disclosed any information on the Tiananmen Square protests and the deadly crackdown the regime had undertaken. The mainland has even imposed a ban on discussing the incident in private or in public. Therefore, the Chinese Defence Minister’s justification for the event during a press conference in Singapore turns significant. The statement, which comes just 24 hours before the Tiananmen Square massacre completes 30 years, is not a mere coincidence.

For the last few years, Xi Jinping, the Chinese President and Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, is trying to tighten his hold on the country increasingly. Despite the sharp criticism on his authoritarian rule from around the world, the ruling government has indicated that Jinping’s word would be considered final. Nevertheless, a few groups from China are preparing to challenge his dictatorship. Behind China’s concrete wall, all is not quite well.

The Chinese economy is being consistently hit due to the US-China trade war. At the same time, repeated warnings are being issued over China’s internal administration being trapped under a debt burden, which may lead to a collapse at any time. Furthermore, hundreds of companies are closing down, and fears have been voiced over hundreds of thousands of students, stepping out from the Universities remaining unemployed. The Chinese students, as well as soldiers, are holding protests to express the discontent against Jinping that is slowly intensifying. Even in the rural areas, the instances of dissatisfaction, finding expression in the form of agitations as also small conflicts, are rising.

Instead of directly addressing the rising discontent, President Jinping is focussing on enhancing his image as well as that of the country. In order to keep the government stable, appeals are therefore being made to the defence forces and students, to remain loyal to the ruling Communist regime. Given the background, the statement of the Chinese Defence Minister only delivers the message that the Communist Party still maintains its firm consolidated hold on the country. Moreover, through the speech, Fenghe has issued a blunt warning to the internal resistance within the country as well as the international community that if the need arose, China would not hesitate to repeat the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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