Russian spokesperson warns Moscow will not change objective of its military campaign despite Western aid to Ukraine

Russian spokesperson warns Moscow will not change objective of its military campaign despite Western aid to Ukraine

Moscow – ‘Our military is well aware that the United States, Britain, and NATO are constantly transmitting intelligence and other parameters to the Ukrainian armed forces,’ said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian government. He further warned that the supply of Western weapons ‘does not contribute to the quick completion of the (Russian) operation, but at the same time are not capable of hindering the achievement of the goals set.’ On the contrary, the information and weapons provided by the West have prolonged the settlement of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Peskov warned. The US has reportedly leaked secret information to Ukraine, targeting Russian officials and warships. Peskov warned in response.  

लष्करी मोहिमेची उद्दिष्टेThe US daily, The New York Times had reported that US intelligence agencies were involved in the deaths of Russian officials. The daily said that it had given this information cited by senior US officials. NBC News has claimed that information provided by US intelligence was behind the attack on the Russian warship Moskva. Subsequent news reports confirm US’s direct involvement in the Ukraine conflict. The US has officially denied any involvement. However, intelligence officials and sources point out that the US is in constant contact with the Ukrainian agencies. Against this backdrop, the response from Russian spokesmen becomes significant. Peskov said that Russia’s military is fully aware of the confidential information and other information provided to Ukraine by Western nations. ‘Of course, the Russian military is doing whatever is necessary in this situation,’ he clarified.  

In the wake of the Russian spokesman’s warning, it has surfaced that the Russian Defence Forces launched strong attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk. The strikes targeted Ukrainian military weapons, fighter jets and drones, the Defence Ministry informed. It is also said that intense clashes happen in the Kharkiv, Izium and Kramatorsk regions of the Donbas region. Ukrainian officials have also indicated that Russia will begin fresh attacks in the Kyiv region in the next few days.  

Meanwhile, it has come to the fore that Russian forces claim attacks in the vicinity of a steel factory in Mariupol. According to Ukraine’s claim, Russia attacked with the help of tanks, and it killed one Ukrainian soldier. The media has predicted a possibility for the Russian military to seize the entire area of the factory in the next two days. The United Nations said that more than 500 civilians, who sought refuge, were safely evacuated from the steel factory while the attacks began.  

Ukraine has claimed the attack on a Russian warship, the Admiral Makarov, following Moskva. This warship is stationed in the Black Sea marine area. Russia has denied the allegations in this regard. 

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