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Anarchy in Venezuela forces 4 million people to flee: UN report

Caracas/New York – The United Nations (UN) has warned that the economic and humanitarian crises in Venezuela are intensifying, and a whopping 4 million people have been forced to immigrate. While people are fleeing the nation in masses, the Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro is busy spewing fire against the United States and has declared to open the borders with Colombia. Three months ago, the Venezuelan government had closed the Colombian border, accusing the United States and the pro-US groups, of attempting to carry out violence in the state, from across the border.

The UN Refugee Agency released a report which describes an anarchy-like situation to have emerged in Venezuela. Even though Venezuela is recognised as an oil-rich nation, the economy has weakened dramatically in the last year. President Nicholas Maduro’s policies have failed miserably which has left the country suffering from acute shortages of food, medicines and basic necessities. On the other hand, the US sanctions against Venezuela have caused the economy to deteriorate further, the UN report observed.

The report says that the situation is deteriorating by the day and has thus forced citizens to flee the nation. Nearly 4 million people have begun migrating to the neighbouring countries to seek asylum. The largest number among them being that of almost 1.3 million entered into Colombia, after which the migrants have been hosted by the states of Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Only last month, senior Economist Kenneth Rogoff had warned that leaving aside the nations of the world that have failed due to economic crisis or civil war, the collapse of the Venezuelan economy would be the worst. Rogoff had compared the conditions in Venezuela, to be akin to those in Libya after the death of Muammar Gaddafi. Nevertheless, he highlighted that Libya was going through a war and that the Venezuelan people would have to suffer due to misguided policies and poor governance.

Maduro, who has lost public support, is trying to run the government with support from countries such as Russia, China and Cuba. Also, information has recently surfaced on oil facilities, government lands and uninhabited islands in Venezuela to have been handed over to the three countries, in exchange for the aid. Moreover, even though the state is liquidating the Gold reserves to save the economy, the citizens are not receiving any benefits from it at all.

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