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Amid rising tensions, US and Iran launch cyber attacks on each other

Washington/Tehran: A US daily revealed information that the United States had initiated cyber attacks on the Iranian missile and rocket systems. After the release of the report, Iran confirmed the US cyber attacks. An Iranian minister claimed that even though the United States had launched a cyber attack, Iran had suffered absolutely no damage and they were successfully mitigated. At the same time, as per cyber-security firms, even Iran had launched cyberattacks on the United States.

US and Iran, launch cyber attacks, IRGC, computer systems, attempt to destabilise Iranian government, Washington, SaudiThe possibility of a conflict sparking between the two countries had increased after Iran shot down a US drone last week. Also, the US President had issued orders to strike Iran. However, just minutes before the attack, President Trump withdrew the instructions in order to avoid casualties. As reported by leading the US daily, The Washington Post, the US cyber command attacked Iranian systems under orders from President Trump within the next few hours.

The cyber attacks targeted the computer systems under the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) controlling the missile and rocket launchers, the US daily claimed. Additionally, the US cyber command had made preparations for the cyber attack a long while ago. The news report states that the plan to carry out the cyber attack was considered last month, following the attacks on the Saudi oil tankers. The officials from the US Department of Defence have dismissed the claims.

Nevertheless, Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, the Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology, acknowledged the United States cyberattack. The United States has made unsuccessful attempts to cause significant disruptions in the Iranian systems, Azari Jahromi said. The Iranian leader went on to claim that Iran had successfully repelled large scale cyber attacks in the last year although two US firms from the cyber sector have informed differently.

‘The United States and Iran are carrying out cyber attacks against each other for the last few weeks. Iran is targeting the US administrative systems, oil and gas companies and sectors closely associated with the financial sector. The Islamic Republic is launching the attacks through phishing emails’, the US firms allege. Whether the attacks had caused any damage to the United States, is unclear. Albeit, as per the New York Times, the United States had prepared to initiate fresh cyberattacks against Iran.

The US military and intelligence have strategised to target critical Iranian systems. Simultaneously, the US is also preparing to render hundreds of Iranian patrol vessels deployed in the Strait of Hormuz, useless. Furthermore, the United States is attempting to destabilise the Iranian government, US Daily, the New York Times alleged.

Previously, the United States had deployed the Stuxnet virus at the Natanz nuclear facility, rendering thousands of centrifuges useless. It took Iran a long time to figure out it was a cyber attack. Moreover, Iran had accused Israel of preparing to carry out cyber attacks on its nuclear plants a few weeks ago.

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