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Conflict sparks between allied Saudi and UAE forces fighting against Houthi rebels in Yemen

Sanaa: Infighting has begun amongst the Saudi-UAE-led military coalition for control over Aden, the most significant city in Yemen. The groups aligned with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) attacked the Saudi-backed Hadi government in Yemen and gained control over Aden. The Saudi’s pro-government forces called the attack a coup and attacked the UAE-backed fighters. Also, the pro-government forces warned of military action in the near future.

Four years ago, the Houthi rebels had initiated a conflict against the Hadi government in Yemen. The Saudi-UAE-led coalition formed an armed group called the Southern Transition Council (STC).

The STC has been carrying out military action in support of the airstrikes of the Saudi-led coalition. However, the STC has undergone a divide for the past few months, and the UAE-backed militia called the ‘Security Belt’, has declared a coup against the Hadi government.

On Saturday, the Security Belt Forces attacked the city of Aden and took control of the Presidential residence, military base and other locations under the government’s control. Attacks by fighters aligned with the UAE are claimed to have caused a significant number of casualties, but details on the incident have not been disclosed as yet.

The Security Belt has gained control over the entire city of Aden over which the Saudi-led coalition has expressed outrage. On Saturday night, the STC had launched attacks on the Security Belt locations. Moreover, the STC has accused the Security Belt separatists of being a threat to the security of the Hadi government.

It is the first instance in the past four years of a conflict sparking between the UAE and Saudi aligned groups in Yemen. A few days ago, the Security Belt fighters had indicated not fighting with the pro-government forces anymore. The military campaign against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, therefore, is believed would suffer a blow.

Meanwhile, the pro-government Saudi forces have launched airstrikes in the rebel-controlled Hajjah province leaving eight people dead and 11 injured. The Saudi action has come under widespread criticism.

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