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As Jeanine Anez, a nationalist right-winger, becomes president, Morales supporters threaten to spark a civil war in Bolivia   

La Paz: After Morales fled to Mexico, his supporters have adopted an aggressive stance. Supporters of Morales began violent protests in Bolivian Capital La Paz and El Alto as also threatened to spark a civil war in Bolivia. Parliamentary member Jeanine Anez assumed the interim presidency following Morales’ resignation. Morales’ supporters then took to violence, and the country now appears to be progressing towards anarchy.  

In last month’s elections, Evo Morales had declared himself victorious which caused severe reactions to erupt across the nation sparking widespread protests. The anti-government demonstrations took a violent turn within a matter of days. At the same time, the Police Force in many parts of the nation, rejected cooperating with Morales. Since he lost control over the state’s security forces, he was in a fix and had no alternative but to resign.   

The country is faced with political instability as four prominent leaders from the Parliament resigned right after Morales. To bail Bolivia out of the deadlock, right-wing leader Jeanine Anez stepped forward to accept responsibility as the interim president. Along with the state’s security agencies, countries such as the United States, Russia, Brazil, and Colombia have also shown support for Anez. However, supporters of Morales were displeased as a right-wing leader had taken over as the interim president.   


The discontent led supporters of Morales to begin protests across the state along with the Bolivian capital. The supporters claimed that it was a conspiracy for a coup against Morales and have warned to foil the attempt. On those grounds, the supporters threated to instigate conflicts within the state in an effort to trigger a civil war. The security forces have initiated action against the demonstrators in which some have been reportedly wounded.   

Morales fled out of the country after the resignation and has sought refuge in Mexico. He accused the United States of being behind the overhaul and asserted that the protests in Bolivia were a part of the Colour Revolution. The movements that developed against the ruling regimes in Europe’s Balkans as also the countries of the former Soviet Union, were widely termed as the Colour Revolution. Over time, the United States was revealed to have been behind the Revolution. Based on these grounds, Morales has claimed his regime was toppled in Bolivia.   

The leftist governments in power for nearly a decade in the Latin American states of Brazil, Colombia, and the like, have collapsed. The political transformation has already begun in Venezuela while anti-government protests have erupted in Ecuador and Chile. On the sidelines of the developments, the Morales administration was overthrown while bringing before the world the glaring discontent brewing within the Latin American nations.   

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