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Israeli PM Netanyahu tells US President Trump ‘We must seize historic opportunity to annex Jordan Valley’

Jerusalem/Washington: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu divulged critical information. Netanyahu said, ‘I recently had a talk with US President Donald Trump regarding the security of Israel. Along with Iran, we had detailed talks about some important opportunities that would be available shortly. It included establishing our right over the Jordan Valley as the eastern Israeli border.’  


Three months ago, during his election campaign, the Israeli Prime Minister made a promise regarding the Jordan Valley. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced that ‘When I come to power after the elections, our government will establish a sovereign right over the Jordan Valley.’ Also, Prime Minister Netanyahu had claimed that even the United States would accept Israel’s right over the Valley.  

In the last few weeks, all attempts to form a government in Israel have failed. At the same time, legal proceedings against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have also been initiated. In light of recent events, the dialogue between Prime Minister Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump assumes much significance. During a briefing, Prime Minister Netanyahu is believed to have reminded the other political groups in Israel of national unity by bringing up Jordan Valley as part of his telephonic conversation with President Trump.  

Over the last year, President Trump has brought about extensive changes in the US policies on Israel. The United States has recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by shifting its embassy to the city. The Trump administration then endorsed the Israeli claim over the Golan Heights, which were in Syria’s possession before 1967. After that, with the legalisation of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the United States took a significant step in support of Israel.  

On the sidelines of the developments, now Israel appears to be attempting to establish its rights over the Jordan Valley. Currently, Palestine is divided into two parts, the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The Hamas and Fatah are ruling the Gaza Strip and West Bank respectively. Although West Bank is under the administration of Fatah, which is led by President Abbas, Israel was entrusted with the security of the West Bank as per the agreement with the United Nations (UN).  

The Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea account for 30% of the land area of the West Bank, while 65,000 Palestinians and 11,000 Israelis currently live in the area. 

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