If EU doesn’t strike a deal by June, we will walk away from EU-UK talks with ‘No Deal Brexit’, warns Prime Minister Johnson

If EU doesn’t strike a deal by June, we will walk away from EU-UK talks with ‘No Deal Brexit’, warns Prime Minister Johnson

London/Brussels: The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson issued a stern warning to the European Union (EU) that ‘If the EU does not give us a deal on Canada and appropriate indications on related matters, Britain will step out of negotiations with the bloc.’ A detailed proposal was presented in the British Parliament on the points it would prioritize during discussions with the EU. While speaking on the matter, Prime Minister Johnson warned the EU and his close aides have indicated that Britain was willing to walk away with a No Deal Brexit. The EU Spokesperson said that the bloc had taken Johnson’s threat seriously and that they were closely following Britain’s moves.   


At the end of last month, on 31st Jan, the UK stepped out of the EU. After that, both sides are debating the prospect of the relations they would maintain hereon. Also, statements released from both sides are consistently aggressive, which are indicative of sharp clashes sparking off between them. France had earlier warned that the scuffle on future relations between the UK and the EU would turn unpleasant and unbearable where both sides would ‘rip each other apart.’   

Further, the UK has made a political declaration on future UK-EU relations which is an official policy document. The 30-page document announces the four primary objectives of the UK. Additionally, the document clearly states that the UK would require full control over state aid and grants, worker’s rights, environmental standards and fishing rights. The negotiating objectives also include the UK’s complete control over the judiciary and laws. 

The UK has stated that the transition period would not be extended beyond 31st Dec 2020. At the same time, the UK has demanded a Canada-style trade deal which should be proposed till June this year warning that it would not compromise. The UK Prime Minister has taken an adamant stand on the matter and threatened to walk away from talks if he does not see any signs of a possible deal in the next four months.   

As Prime Minister Johnson clarified the UK’s stand, he said, ‘We’re not going to engage in some race to the bottom. All we want is mutual recognition of each other’s high standards.’ The EU has taken a cautious stand on the UK’s remarks. The timeline suggested by the UK seems insufficient to strike a deal, the EU Commission Spokeswoman Dana Spinat said.   

The UK Spokeswoman went on to say that Brussels would ‘keep an eye on the ball and retains its capacity to prepare for No Deal following the result of those negotiations’.   

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