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China provided imperfect data on Coronavirus outbreak and is hiding facts and statistics, US Secretary of State Pompeo launches crushing criticism 

Washington/Beijing: The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has spread to 97 countries, and the number of patients has crossed a hundred thousand. The death toll due to the Coronavirus has exceeded 3,000. In the US, 17 deaths were reported due to the disease. However, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, heavily criticised China and said that despite the epidemic being on a rampage around the world, China was still hiding the facts and figures regarding the pandemic. Regrettably, China is not coming forward to cooperate, even in such a situation, Pompeo stated.  

The COVID-19 is spreading dangerously across the globe with as many as 97 countries being affected due to the disease. The disease has left the situation deadly in the countries to which it spreads within a matter of days. The total number of patients worldwide has reached 102,863 while 80,651 of them are from China. The death toll in China due to the new Coronavirus has risen to 3,506. On Friday, 28 people died in China in a single day. All the deaths were reported from the city of Wuhan alone.  

The virus has also reached the United States, and as per reports, 17 people have died due to the disease. The United States has announced making a provision of $8.3 billion emergency Coronavirus spending package for countermeasures to contain the spread. Nevertheless, the US Secretary of States has expressed regret over the United States not receiving the necessary cooperation from China for containing the Coronavirus. In an interview with a US news channel, Secretary of State Pompeo accused China of providing imperfect data, hiding the facts and statistics on the disease. The Chinese government’s stand is disheartening, Pompeo criticised. The other western countries, as also their media, have made similar allegations against China.  

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party has started indicating that the Coronavirus outbreak had spread to China from another country. China appears to have countered the allegations levelled against it with such claims. Taking cognisance of the statement, US Secretary of State Pompeo asserted that the Novel Coronavirus had indeed originated from China. ‘Rather than anyone else, the Chinese government’s stand on the matter is much significant. Besides, the Chinese Communist Party has already accepted that the outbreak had originated from China’, Pompeo underscored. Moreover, Secretary of State Pompeo expressed confidence that the United States would handle the illness far better than any other country in the world. 

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