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New waves of migrants could hit Europe, warns EASO in its latest report

Brussels – Coronavirus pandemic could worsen the situation in the Middle East and Africa. Thus, new waves of migrants could hit Europe, warned the ‘European Asylum Support Office’ (EASO). Currently, Europe is under lockdown to bring the pandemic under control. It has led to a significant decrease in the number of migrants coming to the continent. However, the situation could change in the coming months, claimed the EASO.

In the present Coronavirus pandemic, travel as a whole has almost come to a halt. Consequently, migration has seen a 50% drop since March. However, the countries from where the migrants come to Europe face great danger from the pandemic and its aftereffects. Thus, new waves of migrants could hit Europe, warned the EASO in its latest report.

Countries in the Middle East and Africa are bearing a dreaded brunt of the Corona pandemic, which has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. These nations are faced with the problems of inadequate medical facilities and economic slowdown. These may worsen issues like food shortage, insecurity, uncertainty, etc. At the same time, terrorist organisations like ISIS could regain strength. EASO has expressed worry that all of this could result in the new waves of migrants to hit Europe.

From 2015, Europe has faced a massive influx of migrants. Many European countries have failed entirely to control these hordes. It has lead to many socio-political upheavals in these states.

For the last couple of months, Europe has struggled to bring the pandemic under control but has received respite from illegal immigration. However, in the coming time, the issue of the migrants is slated to worsen, indicates the new EASO report.

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