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The super-duper missiles of the US will overtake Russia and China – President Donald Trump

Washington- US President Donald Trump has announced that the US military is developing a super-duper missile. According to President Trump, this missile is much faster than the Chinese or the Russian missile and can travel around 17 times faster than sound. He shared the information of this hypersonic missile while unveiling the flag of America’s Space Force.

The Space Force has been introduced as the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces. President Trump has expressed confidence that the new command has been created to protect American strategic relations in the outer space. On Friday, President Trump unveiled the flag of the new command in the White House. He declared that the United States has started manufacturing advanced weaponry to face the enemy, of which the super-duper missile is a part of.

The US possesses the fastest missile in the world. Russia is developing a missile which can travel five times faster than sound, whereas China is manufacturing one which can travel six times faster than sound. However, President Trump has revealed that the US is working on a hypersonic missile which is faster than any other in the world, as it can travel 17 times faster than sound. The defence department of the US, the Pentagon, has supported President Trump’s announcement and has stated that the construction of the supersonic missile is in progress.

In the previous month, the US air force held a discussion with a few leading weapon-manufacturing companies to enable hypersonic missiles with traditional and nuclear explosives. A few days ago, the US military was permitted to test the hypersonic missile in Texas.

Therefore, it seems that the US army and the air force will be equipped with the super-duper hypersonic missile.

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