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13 dead in two terrorist bomb blasts in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Third World War

Kandahar: Nine civilians were killed while five were injured in a bomb explosion triggered by terrorists in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. On the other hand, in another incident, terrorists have also blown away a police van in the Paktia province. The explosion claimed the lives of a Police head as well as four police officials. The Taliban had declared a three-day ceasefire with the Afghanistan government due to the festival of Eid. The Afghanistan government had even welcomed the Taliban move, although the spate of terrorist attacks did not stop despite it. Even though no terrorist organization has accepted the responsibility for the attacks, the Taliban is suspected of being behind them.

Afghanistan, Third World WarOn Wednesday, terrorists targeted a bus in the Kandahar’s Argasthan province. The attack killed nine people while the dead include women and children. Furthermore, the Karam area in Paktia, the terrorists blew away a police van with explosives. The attack claimed the lives of the head of the police as well as four police officials. Also, the terrorists had deliberately hidden the bomb on the edge of the street to target the police van. The police had reportedly left for the nearest checkpoint after receiving information of an terrorist attack on it.

The Taliban had recently announced a ceasefire with the Afghanistan government on the occasion of Eid celebrations in the country. However, a series of terrorist attacks appear to have occurred in the past few days. No one has claimed responsibility for the Wednesday attacks on the passenger bus. Nevertheless, the Taliban has accepted responsibility for the bombing on a local news agency in Kabul.

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