Risk of civil unrest across globe has increased due to war and inflation

– UK think tank warns

Risk of civil unrest across globe has increased due to war and inflation

London: A UK think tank warned that the Russia-Ukraine war, record inflation and scarcity of essential commodities are creating a state of instability, spiking the risk of civil unrest across the globe. A new report by Verisk Maplecroft has warned that rising energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis may trigger civil unrest in underdeveloped countries of Africa and Asia as well as in developed countries of the European continent. United Nations and related groups had warned previously that an anarchy-like situation could develop in Asia and Africa, pointing to the rising inflation and food scarcity caused by the Russia-Ukraine war.  

The UK think tank released a report titled ‘101 countries witness rise in civil unrest in last quarter’. The report mentions that instability and discontent have increased in more than a hundred countries over the past few months. At the same time, the UK think tank has warned that events increasing social and economic pressures are seen in various countries of the world, and the state of discontent is likely to intensify further in the coming times. The think tank underscored that discontent had spiked since the Russia-Ukraine war began.  

महंगाईBetween the second and third quarters of 2022, 101 out of 198 countries worldwide were at an increased risk of unrest. The UK think tank specified that these include countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America along with those from Europe. The report warns that public discontent is growing due to increased inflation and the cost-of-living crisis and may soon cause large-scale demonstrations and protests. Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ecuador, Peru and Iran have special mention in the report.  

People of European countries such as Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany have also begun voicing their displeasure. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, food and energy prices skyrocketed and are going beyond the reach of the common man. Therefore, the think tank reported that people in advanced nations were also facing the cost-of-living crisis and warned that they would witness a high spike in discontent in the coming times.  

Last year saw a 450% rise in energy and electricity prices in Europe. Many leading countries have instructed their citizens and industries to be prepared for power shortages. 

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