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China’s new bill to veto representatives election is biggest step to obliterate Hong Kong freedom, democracy

Hong Kong/London: A new bill introduced by the Communist Party of China (CPC) is one of the biggest steps taken to obliterate Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy, said Lord Chris Patten, former governor of Hong Kong. The European Union (EU) has also hinted at new action against China. The Chinese parliament, i.e. the National People’s Congress, began its annual session on Friday, where a bill that would provide for the use of its veto powers over the selection of Hong Kong representatives was introduced.  

Last year, China’s ruling Communist Party tightened its grip on Hong Kong by approving the National Security Law. Since the law was passed, China’s ruling regime has begun cracking down on pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong, detaining and imprisoning hundreds of activists and leaders. China’s law and subsequent action are considered to completely undermine the previously agreed upon ‘One Country, Two Systems’ framework. China has not just snubbed the international outcry but even stepped-up efforts to impose its authoritarian rule in Hong Kong.  

The bill introduced in the Chinese parliament on Friday is part of the strategy. Since the Chinese parliament is known as the rubber-stamp parliament, the bill’s unanimous passage into law is only a formality. Under the new bill, China’s ruling regime will have the authority to reject all candidates running for the Hong Kong legislature. Simultaneously, the Hong Kong electoral committee, representing China’s communist regime, has been given the power to appoint more lawmakers directly.  

As he justified the new bill, Wang Chen, Vice Chairman of the Chinese parliament’s standing committee, said, ‘The violence and instability in Hong Kong prove that there are apparent loopholes in the region’s electoral system. The risks in the system need to be removed to keep patriots in charge of Hong Kong. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has also warned that China will not tolerate external forces’ interference in Hong Kong’s internal affairs and will take firm steps to curb it.  

The communist regime has intensified its crackdown on pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong as the new bill is being introduced in the Chinese parliament to give it complete control over Hong Kong. A few days ago, Chinese authorities filed charges against 47 people in Hong Kong, and a court hearing against them has begun on Thursday. 

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