Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch drone attacks on two Saudi airports again

Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch drone attacks on two Saudi airports again

Cairo: The Houthi rebels continue to launch drone attacks on Saudi airports, with complete disregard towards Saudi’s counter strike. The rebel-group-run news agency has claimed that the rebel group launched large scale drone attacks, on the Jizan and Abha airports in Saudi Arabia.  However, the Saudi air defence system had reportedly intercepted and downed the drones.

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The Houthi rebels are consistently targeting the Abha and Jizan airports, with drone and missile attacks. Given the developments, the Saudi security agencies have suspended the services from the two airports for a few days. It has thus left the airports in stark silence since the last few days. Subsequently, the Houthi rebels carried out drone attacks on both the airports again, on Saturday, which is said to have caused significant damages to the airports.

The Houthi rebels instigated Saudi on social media over the attacks. The rebel group threatened in the tweet, and said, ‘We promise the Saudi regime more painful days as long as the aggression and siege continue on our country.’ It is the rebel group’s fifth attack on the Saudi airports in the last one week and makes it the third attack on the Abha airport.

The rebel attacks have attracted severe reactions from around the world. While sharply criticising the attack, the United Nations (UN) issued a warning saying that the drone strikes had created a significant threat to the national and regional security. Also, the European Union (EU) condemned the attacks, saying that the missile attacks on the airport were an unacceptable provocation. Meanwhile, the successive assaults on Saudi indicate the rising strength of the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

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