Ukraine affirms Russia is succeeding in Bakhmut

- Ukraine losing 500 soldiers everyday, pro-Russian official claims

Ukraine affirms Russia is succeeding in Bakhmut

Kyiv/ Moscow:  Ukraine has acknowledged that Russia has succeeded in advancing an operation by Russian forces in the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. The Ukrainian Army has also said in its report that Russia is continuously attacking Bakhmut. For the first time, the Ukrainian military has admitted its failure in Bakhmut. It is considered an important event in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Officials from pro-Russian rebel groups have claimed that the Ukrainian Army is losing nearly 500 soldiers a day, as Ukraine admits defeat. 

Moreover, Bakhmut is considered strategically important as a city located in the central part of the Donbas region. The city is crucial for the Russian forces in terms of control, as the roads connecting various cities in the Donbas region pass through this city. That is why the Russian Army, which has been fighting in Bakhmut for the past few months, prioritised it in the New Year. New army units and large quantities of weapons were deployed. 

The emphasis was on capturing the areas near Bakhmut in stages. Russia had succeeded in advancing in this area, breaking the resistance of the Ukrainian Army. Recognising that the situation in Bakhmut was difficult, the Ukrainian leadership was reluctant to withdraw from the area. However, the events of the last few days have revealed that the resistance of the Ukrainian Army has decreased in front of the intense attacks of Russia. 

A few weeks ago, the Russian Army and the Wagner group had completely taken over the city’s eastern part. Photographs of this area were also released. Ukraine then admitted it had lost control over the eastern part. At the same time, the President of Ukraine ordered a decisive battle for Bakhmut, saying that Ukraine would not allow any part of it to be taken over by Russia. But even after that, information has come out that the Russian Army and the Wagner group are moving forward step by step. 

Furthermore, Wagner Group has established control over the Azom Plant Complex in the northern part of Bakhmut city. In the past few days, some areas in the southern part of Bakhmut are also said to have been taken over by the Wagner Group’s forces. According to the information provided by the European news agency, almost 80 percent of the city of Bakhmut has been captured by Russia. Against this background, the Ukrainian military’s recognition about Russia’s success is noteworthy. 

Meanwhile, Russia has arrested Evan Gershkovich, a journalist working for the American newspaper ‘Wall Street Journal’, on espionage charges. This is the first time an American journalist has been arrested in Russia since the Cold War period. 

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