IS threatens of biological terror attacks on western countries, says ‘We will make you fear the air you breathe’

Washington – ‘Within a few days the hospitals in the United States will announce the deaths of hundreds of people and report infections by unknown viruses. The viruses that have been developed can easily spread by gaining entry into the body through respiration and their production has already begun. The symptoms of being infected by the viruses would appear rapidly. This is the punishment awarded to the United States for imposing its oppressive policies on the whole world, although it is referred to as biological terrorism by the others,’ the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has thus issued a direct threat to carry out biological terror attacks on the US and other western countries.

biological terror attacks, production, biological terrorism, IS, biological weapons, threaten, World war 3, Washington, Bill GatesA think tank from the United States studying the developments in the Middle Eastern countries has published the news of the IS threat. Only a few days ago, IS had released a video appealing for ‘Lone Wolf Biological Attacks’. The footage advised about creating plague epidemics using rat droppings and faeces. Following this, another footage regarding biological war has been released.

The city of San Francisco has been used in the video’s background. The video shows a person releasing a green coloured smoke in the city. Against this backdrop, a serious threat has been issued which says, “We will make you fear the air you breathe”. In the video, IS threatens that “the attack would be so dreadful that the US agencies will not even have the time to collect the mortal remains of the civilians killed in the attack”.

Following the threat to the United States, the European countries have also been threatened about similar attacks. In the video, the biological weapons have been referred to as the ‘Silent Destructive Weapon’. The IS has urged to its supporters to find the most potent, dangerous bacteria and viruses in the world and release them into the air and water.

In 2016, a report had claimed that IS and other terrorist organisations are making efforts to acquire biological weapons. Subsequently, in 2017, the chief of the counter-terrorism agency of the European Union (EU) had expressed fear over the possibility of the organisations like IS and Al-Qaeda making use of drones to launch biological attacks.

Bill Gates, the Founder of the world-renowned company Microsoft, had warned at the ‘Munich Security Conference’ that terrorists could kill a minimum of 30 million people in just one year using biological weapons. Gates had also warned that in future, the terrorists might create artificial viruses of smallpox, flu or even more severe contagious diseases by using computers for genetic engineering.

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