US claims to have killed the planner of Kabul airport blast 

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Washington/Kabul: The US military claims to have killed the ‘ISIS-K planner’ of the suicide bombing near Kabul airport two days ago. Also, the military stated that the strike was carried out at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in the Nangarhar province. The US administration is being explicit in mentioning that President Biden had ordered the attack. Biden’s opponents have scornfully said that although it is an attempt to tone down the outrage sparked against President Biden, it would not help much. Besides, the White House has added to the confusion over Biden’s Afghanistan policy, citing the possibility of a new IS attack on Kabul airport.   

against Biden, ठार केल्याचाThe Biden administration and General McKenzie, the Commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), have held the IS-Khorasan (IS-K or IS-KP) responsible for the bombings at Kabul airport. At the same time, President Biden has warned the IS-Khorasan, which is responsible for the deaths of US soldiers, that he would make them pay the price for the attacks. Within just 36 hours on Saturday morning, the US MQ9 Reaper drones launched a drone strike near the city of Jalalabad in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar.  

The US military claims to have killed the ‘IS-Khorasan planner’ of the suicide bomb attack at Kabul airport. The US military says there were no known civilian casualties in the attack. Photographs of the rickshaw and the house destroyed in the attack were released. Locals also reported an ear-splitting explosion. However, the US military did not provide an explanation when asked, ‘If the planner of the Kabul attack died in this attack,’ or ‘where the body of the terrorist was.’   

Simultaneously, international analysts are pointing out that the US military has only added to its difficulties by taking action in Nangarhar province. ‘A few months ago, US General McKenzie released important information about IS-Khorasan in Afghanistan. Khorasan was destroyed in a clash between the Taliban and the IS-Khorasan militants in Nangarhar province. General Mackenzie had made the claim, citing the Taliban sources. If so, how did IS-Khorasan become dominant in Afghanistan? Are the Taliban and IS-Khorasan the same? If so, is the US handing over the keys to Afghanistan to looters?’ international analysts have asked.   

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has announced the risk of new IS-Khorasan attacks on Kabul airport. Therefore, the Biden administration instructed citizens stranded in Afghanistan to stay home rather than approaching the Kabul airport. Reports state that the US is preparing to leave the airport. In addition, more Taliban militants have been deployed to the security outposts outside Kabul airport. The Taliban militants are thereby believed likely to take control of Kabul airport in the next few hours. 

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