Sheikh Hasina wins a landslide victory in Bangladesh elections

Sheikh Hasina wins a landslide victory in Bangladesh elections

Dhaka – Sheikh Hasina’s ‘Awami League’ won 266 out of 300 seats in the Bangladesh elections while its alliance partner ‘Jatiya Party’ won 21 seats. It has caused the leading opposition party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to concede defeat with a mere 6 seats. The BNP has blamed its defeat on alleged malpractices and demanded re-election.

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The violence that took place during elections on Sunday across Bangladesh caused 18 deaths. The ballot counting began on Sunday evening making the ensuing results evident. The elections concluded with the results of 298 out of 300 seats of which the Awami League won 266 seats and its coalition with Jatiya Party together won a total of 287 seats. The emphatic win has secured Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League a third consecutive ruling term.

In the 2014 elections, the BNP had called for an election boycott. The Awami League had secured a landslide victory during that year as well. Nevertheless, the BNP has rejected the current vote and made claims of vote-rigging. The BNP has also demanded the Election Commission for a re-poll. Since all the news agencies and news channels had forecast a win for the Awami League before the election, Sheikh Hasina’s success is believed to be an expected outcome.

Her win is considered a good sign for India but came as a shock to Pakistan and China, which were trying to use Bangladesh against India. Pakistan had reportedly used the separatist groups in Bangladesh to incite terror in an attempt to topple Sheikh Hasina’s rule. Albeit, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had warned only a few days ago that such activities would not be tolerated in Bangladesh.

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