Amid US-Taliban peace talks, suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan leaves 63 dead and injures over 180

Amid US-Taliban peace talks, suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan leaves 63 dead and injures over 180

Kabul: A horrific suicide attack at a wedding celebration in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, left 63 people dead. The attack is the most significant terror attack that occurred in Afghanistan in the last few months. Also, the terrorist organisation ISIS has accepted responsibility for the attack. However, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has blamed the Taliban, which offers a platform for terrorists as being equally responsible for the blast. Considering the development, the peace talks with the Taliban were criticised as meaningless in Afghanistan.

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The blast was carried out at a crowded wedding ceremony in western Kabul, on Saturday night. Over a thousand people were present for the event at the time of the blast. Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry informed that the explosion left 63 people dead while 182 were wounded, which primarily include women and children. The Taliban has carried out attacks at wedding ceremonies in the past and is therefore said to have been responsible for Saturday’s blast. Nevertheless, the Taliban has denounced the attack with a statement disassociating itself from the attack.

On Sunday, the terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for the blast although President Ashraf Ghani asserted the Taliban was responsible for it. Ghani accused the Taliban of inspiring the terrorism in Afghanistan as also the ISIS. The Taliban has given rise to instability in Afghanistan, and they cannot absolve themselves of blame, Ghani said.

The United States has recently declared the talks with the Taliban for peace and stability in Afghanistan of progressing on the right course. On the other hand, the Afghan President and people have lamented that despite the talks, the terror attacks in the state had not stopped. The Afghan populace is, therefore, criticising the negotiations with the Taliban to be meaningless on social media. Even the Afghanistan media have questioned the Taliban’s stand. Concerns were raised with questions such as whether the Taliban could be able to fulfil the commitment to abandon the path of terrorism.

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