US vows to devastate Turkey’s economy if they attack Syrian Kurds

US vows to devastate Turkey’s economy if they attack Syrian Kurds

Washington / Ankara: After the US military withdrawal, serious differences have emerged between the United States and Turkey over the action against the Syrian Kurds. President Donald Trump has issued a stern warning to Turkey saying, ‘The United States would devastate the Turkish economy if they attacked the Kurds in Syria’. However, without paying any heed to the US warning, Turkey has declared the attacks on Syrian Kurds would continue.

Last month, President Trump surprised the US allies with an announcement to withdraw US military from Syria. On Sunday, President Trump justified his decision on social media and warned Turkey, the Kurdish rebels, Iran and the terrorist organisations all the same.

‘Military withdrawal from Syria is a prolonged issue. The United States has decided to withdraw the military from Syria after attacking the ISIS from all the directions and effectively reducing the influence of the terrorist organisation. Albeit, if terrorist organisations become strong again in Syria, the United States could attack Syria even from Iraq,’ President Trump highlighted.

Trump also warned Turkey, which has threatened to attack the Kurds and other terrorist organisations in Syria, without waiting for the US military withdrawal in case of a delay. ‘Turkey would have to face US action if it attacks the Kurds in Syria. The United States would destroy the Turkish economy. If they wish to avoid it, Turkey should create a 20-mile safe zone. Likewise, I do not want the Kurds to provoke Turkey either,’ Trump reprimanded.

President Trump also criticised Russia, Iran and Syria. He said, ‘Iran, Russia and Syria would benefit the most from the US’s annihilation of the IS’. Trump, therefore, appealed that the war in Syria should be brought to an end.

Offended, Turkey replied to the US President’s warning saying, ‘The United States should respect the ties with its NATO allies’. The United States cannot establish cooperation with the terrorists, said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, as he declared the action against the Kurds would continue.

Meanwhile, since the time Turkey deployed their military on the Syrian border, the Turkish Lira has sharply plummeted. After Trump’s warning, the Lira witnessed a new slide. Last year, the value of the Lira had declined by more than 30% against the US dollar. This has dealt with significant jolts to the Turkish economy as a result. 


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