Analysts claim, after Dictator al-Bashir’s ouster, Sudan will turn into battle arena of powers in Mideast

Analysts claim, after Dictator al-Bashir’s ouster, Sudan will turn into battle arena of powers in Mideast

Khartoum / Riyadh – Even after the dismissal of Omar al-Bashir, who enjoyed an authoritarian rule for about three decades, intense protests continue in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. Currently, the reins of Sudan are in the hands of the military council, and the protestors have demanded their dissolution. However, the talks between demonstrators and the council have not as yet attained success, and other countries may take advantage of the situation, analysts claim.

Analysts and foreign media claim that currently, Saudi Arabia-UAE-Egypt and Iran-Qatar-Turkey are the two alliances active in the Middle East and Sudan may fall victim to the power struggle between the groups. Bashir, who was a supporter of Saudi Arabia’s conflict in Yemen, was going away from it and leaning towards Qatar and Turkey over the last year.

Allegations were rife a few months ago that Saudi Arabia and its allies manoeuvred to overthrow the Bashir government because of the change in his disposition. Also, some argue that Sudan would be a part of the Arab Spring 2. The military council that has assumed power in Sudan enjoys support from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

It is with this support that during the African Union Summit, Egypt, raised the issue concerning the Sudan crisis and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia announcement for the provision of a $3 billion aid to the African state. Following the two nations, Kuwait too announced financial assistance for Sudan. The countries claim that the aid was being given to strengthen the economic condition of Sudan.

Nevertheless, former dictator al-Bashir had previously attempted to acquire aid from Qatar and Turkey. The Iranian government had assisted in dismantling the protests and stabilising the Bashir government. The international analysts and media suspect a Turkish and Iranian hand in the persistence of the protests, even after the expulsion of the Bashir government. Analysts have underscored that in the demonstrations that prolonged even after the ouster of al-Bashir, loud sloganeering was witnessed outside the Egyptian embassy.

Presently, Saudi and its allies are engaged in open conflict with Iran-Turkey and its allies in Syria, Yemen and Libya. The series of events in Sudan are indicative of Khartoum heading in the same direction along with fears of a new long-drawn power struggle sparking in Africa.

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