Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s shocking win in elections unsettles China

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s shocking win in elections unsettles China

Canberra: Prime Minister Scott Morrison emerged victorious in Australia’s elections even though his defeat was believed to be imminent. The victory is, therefore, claimed to be a political miracle. Morrison was firmly found to be set to lose the elections. However, he returned to the office once again, proving wrong the forecasts of all the analysts. The Chinese state-owned media has expressed concerns over the Australia-China relations further deteriorating due to Morrison’s victory.

The majority of the analysts and media had asserted that Morrison would step down as Prime Minister after the elections. Nevertheless, Morrison proved everyone wrong and his Liberal Party is all set to form the government along with its coalition partners. The liberals in Australia were disheartened by his victory and criticised his success, attributing it to the negative campaigning.

Remarkably, Morrison’s win has attracted a sharp reaction from China. The Chinese state-owned newspaper, The Global Times, has termed his return to office as dangerous, claiming that China was concerned due to it. Furthermore, for the last few months, the relations between Australia and China have become critical, and Morrison’s re-election as the Prime Minister would cause them to deteriorate sharply, The Global Times stated.

Since the very beginning, the Morrison government had adopted a stern stand against China, warning of its threat to Australian security. His government had banned the Chinese telecom giant Huawei an entry into the Australian market while also taking other significant decisions to curb China. Interestingly, Morrison’s opponents have indicated at making efforts to improve the ties with China. Moreover, the former Prime Minister, Paul Keating had asserted that it was necessary to dismiss the officials of the Australian intelligence who had levelled allegations against China.

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