US to deploy tiny pocket-sized Black Hornet helicopter drones in Afghanistan

US to deploy tiny pocket-sized Black Hornet helicopter drones in Afghanistan

Kabul: US President Donald Trump had announced military withdrawal from Afghanistan. However, the Taliban attacks have notably intensified since then, and the United States has thus shown signs of continuing with the military campaign in Afghanistan for some more time. At the same time, ultra-advanced technologies would be used in the military campaigns during the period, and the deployment of the pocket-sized helicopter drones is considered to be an essential phase of the operation.

During an interview to the media, the US Army informed that pocket drones called the ‘Black Hornet’ were being deployed in Afghanistan. The drones would be used by the ”82nd Airborne Division’ of the US Army for surveillance during military action. More importantly, every soldier from the military unit, would be provided with a separate drone system, which would be a part of their standard military gear, stated the army. Sources informed that the army unit equipped with the Black Hornets would be deployed at Kandahar in Afghanistan. 

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The Black Hornet drone is equipped with multiple cameras, is only 6.5” long and weighs 33 grams. Also, the drone is capable of night vision, along with thermal imaging. It works in a silent mode while exploring the enemy territory, and can travel at a speed of 25 kilometres per hour for 25 minutes in one flight. Additionally, the Hornet can operate in auto and manual flight modes and does not require GPS.

A soldier trained on the Black Hornet drone system expressed confidence that ”The drone technology will be a lifesaver for the troops. It will help to distance the soldiers from attacks during the war and avert life-threatening injuries caused therein. Also, it will enhance precision in the operations the soldiers undertake during the conflict.’ The officials conducting the training assured that the drone was secured against hacking.

Three years ago, the US Army had used the Black Hornet mini-drone systems for training its Special Forces. After that, for the last three years, the system underwent continuous testing, training and assessment, and its deployment in Afghanistan is believed to be the first field use of the drone in war. The US military has demanded nine thousand drone systems in which each system comprises of two drones each.

Over the last few years, the US armed forces have stressed on the development of systems with the latest advanced technologies for the soldiers and even initiated the processes to use them. It primarily involves the use of drone technology while it also includes drones based on lasers and nanotechnology.

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