Russia claims to have invented ‘self-destroying satellite’, will be effective to reduce space debris.

Russia claims to have invented ‘self-destroying satellite’, will be effective to reduce space debris.

Moscow: Russia has claimed to have developed a satellite with the ability to self-destruct itself after completion of the assigned space mission. The unique invention would help resolve the menace of the dangerous space debris, the Russian Space Agency, ROSCOSMOS said. Currently, about 8,400 tonnes of space debris is revolving around the earth. Warnings have been repeatedly issued cautioning against the likely blow the space debris may deliver to critical sectors such as telecommunications, transport and defence.

In the last few months, Russia was revealed to have significantly accelerated space activities. Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered to assign additional focus on the developments of the Russian Aerospace Forces, explicitly established for the space industry three months ago. Also, the Hypersonic Missile Defence System needed to be given particular focus, President Putin had warned.

Earlier, Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, had asserted that a new race for deep space exploration had sparked in which Russia had now entered. He added Russia was developing the space rocket ‘Angara-A5’ for the ambitious space missions. Furthermore, Rogozin has indicated that the future Russian space missions would include crewed mission to the moon by 2030 and the establishment of a permanent base on the moon.

On the sidelines of the developments, Russia’s assertion on inventing a self-destructing satellite assumes much significance. Along with the United States, Russia, India, China, Japan and the European countries are believed to be leading in space. Also, Japan and the European countries have planned missions to study and resolve the problem of space debris. Even Japan stated that it had developed a space system to collect the trash.

However, Russia has asserted differently on the new invention and stated that the satellite would self-destruct after completing the assigned mission so that the materials used in the satellite would evaporate into space. The Russian  Space Agency has filed a patent for the satellite which states that the materials used in it would directly sublimate, which means that they would transition directly from solid to gas without becoming liquid.

Russia’s new invention comes at a time when space is forewarned to become the battlefield of the future and is therefore quite remarkable.

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