Iran asks the US to return to the nuclear deal within two weeks 

Iran asks the US to return to the nuclear deal within two weeks 

Tehran: Iran, which has become aggressive since President Joe Biden took over the presidency of the United States, has issued a new warning to the United States on the nuclear deal. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has warned that the United States had only two weeks to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal. Despite repeated threats from Iran, the Biden administration is firm on re-entering a nuclear agreement with Iran.  

The Iranian foreign minister threatened the United States in an interview with a local newspaper. Zarif said a resolution in Iran’s parliament and the upcoming elections in the country, have made Iran increasingly aggressive. ‘Also, the Iranian parliament has ordered to take a tough stance on the nuclear deal. Therefore, the United States will have to decide on a deal in the next two weeks,’ Zarif warned.  

Foreign Minister Zarif stated that ‘Time is running out for the US. The longer the United States delays the nuclear deal, the greater the damage to the country.’ Zarif went on to warn that ‘The delay would indicate that the Biden administration wants to take Trump’s failed policy forward.’  

Iran has issued a deadline to the United States. Besides, European countries, which once backed the deal, are now criticising Iran for violating the agreement’s terms. Iran has begun to exceed the uranium enrichment levels at the Natanz and Fordow nuclear facilities beyond the deal’s limits. Likewise, Iran has also announced activating centrifuges to enrich uranium. Even so, the United States is unwilling to take a stand against Iran and prefers reaching a nuclear deal with the country.  

Outraged, Israel warned last week of launching attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities independently and had declared that the army was ready for it. The repercussions of the Israeli warning are being felt in Iran. Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, Majid Takht-e-Ravanchi, has threatened to retaliate against Israel with a decisive response for announcing attacks on Iran. Furthermore, Ravanchi accused Israel of not only threatening Iran but also preparing to launch attacks on it. The minister criticised Israel for questioning how Iran’s nuclear program could be used for civilian purposes.  

Former Iranian diplomat Amir Mousavi has suggested that Iran should build an atomic bomb to respond to the Israeli threats and US aggression. In an interview with a Lebanese news channel, Mosavi demanded that if Israel or the United States take aggressive steps against Iran, the country should violate the imposed restrictions and become nuclear-armed without hesitation. 

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