China dubbed a ‘global disinformation superpower’  by a UK research group

China dubbed a ‘global disinformation superpower’  by a UK research group

London/Beijing: A UK research group claimed that China had become ‘a superpower of global disinformation’, using the social media and media channels. Only a few days ago, leading social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook, blocked thousands of Chinese accounts, saying that the accounts were being used to spread misinformation regarding the Hong Kong protests. On the sidelines of the developments, the new report confirms the misuse of media by the Chinese regime for conspiring.

The report named – ‘The Global Disinformation Order’, made a claim wherein information on 70 countries that use computation for manipulation of public opinion was made available. The Oxford Internet Institute report informs that ‘The Chinese Government had initially used the local social media networks to maintain control of its population. However, during the Hong Kong unrest, the Chinese government ran a massive disinformation campaign and even used the foreign social media networks for the purpose.’

Professor Philip Howard, Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, drew attention to the Chinese disinformation campaigns saying, ‘China has become a superpower of global disinformation. The country has demonstrated how social media can be misused effectively. China is operational on various levels simultaneously and is making aggressive efforts to influence the voters in western countries. Previously, Russia was believed to possess such capabilities. Nevertheless, now even the Chinese government has taken the lead in effectively running disinformation campaigns.’

‘My biggest concern is now that we understand something of China’s capacity, that China might start getting involved in election conversation within various democracies,’ Professor Howard warned. Furthermore, the Director of the Oxford Internet Institute said that cognisance would have to be taken of the Chinese disinformation capabilities along with Russia, during the upcoming elections in the United Kingdom, Canada and the US elections scheduled for next year.

A few months ago, the Chinese Communist regime was exposed to have made aggressive use of media to propagate the communist ideology and had made provisions of billions of dollars for the purpose. A report named ‘China’s Pursuit of a New World Media Order’ highlighted that Chinese media had created its presence across the globe in 140 countries as also in 65 languages.

The renowned institution – ‘Reporters Without Borders’ had warned in a report that China was using all the possible tactics to become a global superpower, and dominating the world media to gain control over it, was part of the strategy.

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