Iran’s new guidance system upgrade ‘Labeik’ worries Israel

Iran’s new guidance system upgrade ‘Labeik’ worries Israel

Tel Aviv/Tehran: Israeli military analysts and weeklies have expressed concerns over Iran’s newly developed Labeik technology. If Iran uses the Labeik guidance system upgrade, which enables launching attacks with rockets with the same intensity as that of missiles, it may pose a threat to Israel’s security. An Israeli weekly claimed that in the current scenario if Iran supplied the technology to Hezbollah, the southern Israeli cities and other critical locations, may be targeted by the terrorist group.

Last week, Iran revealed information on the  Labeik to the local media. The Labeik was used during tests conducted on the Fateh-110 rockets deployed with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The Fateh-110 is capable of speeds up to Mach 3.5 and has a range of 300 kilometres. However, the recent tests conducted using the Iranian Fateh-110 is a cause for concern, the Israeli weekly claimed.

Israel’s analysts have raised eyebrows at the use of Labeik for launching the Fateh-110 missiles. Iran informed the media that Labeik was an engine used to accelerate the rockets. Nevertheless, the Israeli defence weekly, which analyses the military movements across the globe along with the Middle East, has claimed that the Labeik is a significant threat.

In an interview to an Israeli news agency, Israeli military analyst Uzi Rubin indicated concern over the new technology. He said, ‘Increasing the speed and accuracy of short-range rockets is not something new in the defence research sector. Even though many countries in the past have improved the capabilities of their rockets, the change Iran has made in the aerodynamics of the Fateh-110 rocket with Labeik is unique.’

Rubin blamed Iran saying the Labeik had not only increased the range of the Fateh-110 rocket but also the capacity to carry large warheads like missiles making it capable of causing a significant amount of destruction. Therefore, the Labeik has enabled the Fateh-110 rocket to now be used for targeting far-flung targets just like missiles, Israeli analysts and the defence weekly affirmed.

Israel has accused Iran of supplying more than a hundred and fifty thousand rockets to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Hezbollah chief had threatened to strike Israel if the United States attacked Iran. Under such circumstances, if Iran were to supply Labeik precision guided system upgrade to Hezbollah, the terror groups may hit Israel with destructive rockets, Israeli analysts warn. Moreover, they are concerned that the upgraded rockets, may even be able to escape the Israeli air defence systems.

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