Nearly 5 million illegal immigrants in Europe till 2017: Pew Research Centre report

Nearly 5 million illegal immigrants in Europe till 2017: Pew Research Centre report

Washington: The international organisation, Pew Research Centre’s report, stated that the number of unauthorised immigrants entering and living in Europe unlawfully, is nearly 5 million. According to the report, immigrants coming from nations such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan amount to more than 40% of the total illegal immigrants in Europe. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had only recently threatened to release 3 million immigrants from the Middle East into the European nations. On the sidelines of the developments, the number of illegal immigrants in the European countries assumes much significance.   


A massive flow of immigrants has entered Europe from 2015. The influx went out of control due to decisions the liberal European democracies had taken on immigrants, and the continent is now suffering its adverse effects. Immigration has sparked massive contention and divide among the European countries while some of them have banned entry to immigrants entirely by deploying military at the borders to prevent any unauthorised entry. However, the immigrant influx continues to infiltrate into Europe and all measures to curb them have failed.    

Since last few months, the immigrant influx into Greece, which is believed to be the gateway to Europe, has been on the rise once again, and Turkey’s activities were ascribed to the growth. At the same time, the European countries have opposed certain Turkish decisions, including the military action in Syria and have stopped the supply of weapons to them. On the contrary, Turkey alleged that the European Union (EU) had not fulfilled its obligation on immigrants as per the agreement. Turkey is said to have been infuriated by the accusation and had threatened the release of the immigrants into Europe.  

The Pew Research Centre report notes that the maximum flow of immigrants was witnessed in Germany, Italy and France. Nearly 1.2 million unauthorised immigrants had entered Germany while 700,000 had entered Italy, the report stated.  

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