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Fierce airstrikes launched on Iran’s weapons warehouses near Syria-Iraq border, pro-Iran fighters killed

Damascus: Three weapons warehouses at Al-Bukamal, located in eastern Syria, were destroyed in fierce airstrikes. Five soldiers from a pro-Iran armed militia were claimed to have been killed in the attacks. However, considering the intensity of the attacks, the casualties are estimated to be much higher. It is the second attack on the Iranian-controlled weapons warehouses in Syria within a week. 

The local news agencies inform that significant airstrikes were carried out in the Al-Bukamal region near the Iraqi border late Sunday night. The local news agency claimed that the attack was carried out by fighter jets although no information was available on the country to which the fighter jets belonged. The attacks targeted the weapons warehouses the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) had built and secured. The storehouses reportedly had a massive stockpile of weapons belonging not only to the pro-Iran groups but also to the IRGC and Quds Forces.   

    weapons warehouses, airstrikes, pro-Iran groups, Iranian military, Israel, Iran, Quds Forces    weapons warehouses, airstrikes, pro-Iran groups, Iranian military, Israel, Iran, Quds Forces

The local media claimed that the destruction of the warehouses was a significant blow for Iran. Syria has held Israel responsible for attacks in the country in the past. However, it avoided a response or dispensing any information on the attacks. It is the second attack on the Iran’s weapons warehouses near the Iraq-Syria border in the last seven days. Another weapons storehouse in Al-Bukamal was attacked on Wednesday, which has been reported by the local media as well.  

Al-Bukamal is considered to be a strategic location for Iran. The highway connecting Iran with the Mediterranean Sea through Iraq passes through the region of Al-Bukamal. In the past, Iran was criticised of developing a corridor in the area, to facilitate trade movement as also the movement of weapons and armed rebels throughout the Middle Eastern countries. Iran has built weapons warehouses for the IRGC, Quds Forces and the other militant groups in the region as well. Furthermore, Iranian military bases in the area were also exposed a few weeks ago.  

Meanwhile, Iran had also launched rocket attacks in Israel’s Golan Heights, in retaliation of the attacks on its military bases and weapons warehouses. Nevertheless, Israel had retaliated fiercely against the Iranian military and other armed groups in Syria. Given the circumstances, the airstrikes on the weapons warehouses in the Al-Bukamal region are believed to be a fresh warning for Iran.  

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