Hong Kong protests set to intensify as Coronavirus restrictions ease in China

Hong Kong protests set to intensify as Coronavirus restrictions ease in China

Hong Kong: As the lockdown restrictions, imposed to curb the spread of Novel Coronavirus, begin to ease, the anti-government protests in Hong Kong are slowly resuming. On Tuesday, protesters gathered at a Hong Kong mall and chanted slogans for the democracy of the city-state. The demonstrations make evident that the discontent against the Chinese regime is still simmering amid the Hong Kongers. The Chinese government has initiated aggressive action once again against them terming the protesters a ‘political virus’.


Last year, the Chinese regime had tried to impose laws in Hong Kong forcefully. However, widespread anti-China pro-democracy protests had surfaced in response. The demonstrations were ongoing for more than six months and have posed the most significant challenge to the ruling Chinese Communist Party. The laws imposed on Hong Kong, however, had to be reversed given the growing intensity of the protests and international pressure.

Despite the suspension of the laws, the protests continued in Hong Kong. After the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong was placed under restrictions as well. The rules caused the demonstrations to dampen to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the rules have been relaxed in the last few days as the Coronavirus threat has subsided.

The demonstrators have thus begun to gather once again to express discontent against the Chinese regime. Seeking the opportunity of the international labour’s day in the last week, pro-democracy groups had taken to the streets of Hong Kong, and the city-state saw few incidents of violence. Considering criticism the violence received, the protestors then continued to carry out the demonstrations peacefully.

The demonstrators had gathered at a Hong Kong mall on Tuesday for anti-government protests. The protestors sang the anthem ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, which represents the Hong Kong protests and independence as also shouted slogans. The Police, however, took action against the protestors.

A severe reaction emerged from the Chinese regime as the protests have begun gaining ground since the threat of the Coronavirus subsided. The regime lambasted, described the Hong Kong protests of being nothing more than violent protestors and terming them as a ‘political virus’.

Last week, the pro-Chinese Hong Kong administration took action against the protestors citing lockdown restrictions. The incident had attracted international condemnation. As the Hong Kongers continue taking to the streets to protest, despite the violent government crackdown against them, the protests show signs of intensification. Moreover, the backlash against China has grown internationally due to the spread of Coronavirus, which originated in China. Also, all major countries of the world are now reprimanding China for it. The anger against China has deepened so much so that was not felt even during the Tiananmen Square massacre.

By now, even China has comprehended that the protestors, demanding political independence for Hong Kong, may receive overwhelming global support under such circumstances. The protests appear to have, therefore, overly unsettled China.

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