The US launches airstrikes on Taliban bases in Afghanistan

airstrikes, अफगाणिस्तान, तालिबान, अमेरिका The US launches airstrikes on Taliban bases in Afghanistan

Kabul – The United States launched airstrikes on the Taliban bases in Afghanistan. This strike happens to be the first attack by the US after the Taliban declared a ceasefire. The United States had already warned that if the Taliban continues to attack the Afghan troops, the United States will strongly retaliate. With these airstrikes, the United States appears to have actually executed its warning.

अफगाणिस्तान, तालिबान, अमेरिकाConcurrent to it comes the news of 15 Afghan soldiers killed in an attack by the Taliban. Even before this, the Taliban had carried out such gruesome attacks targeting the Afghan soldiers. After these horrifying attacks, the United States carried out two airstrikes on the Taliban bases in Kandahar and Farah regions of Afghanistan. The spokesperson of the US military, Col. Sonny Leggett, made this announcement through social media. Further information regarding this is yet to be published.

Taliban had declared a ceasefire on 26th of May, for the occasion of Eid. However, even after that, they continued attacks on the Afghan forces. The United States had sternly warned the Taliban about it. However, they had ignored these warnings and continued their attacks. As a result, the United States seems to have carried out these airstrikes in retaliation.

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